The laser treatment is a form of light therapy that is used for hair regrowth treatment. This laser treatment encourages the patients who are suffering from hair loss problem. A low level of light is used to treat the hereditary forms of hair loss, pattern balding or androgenetic and it is common in both men and women.Reshape has the best laser treatment for hair regrowth. Laser treatment is an appropriate treatment technique for both men and women who are suffering from hair loss. It is an effective and safe process.

The high frequency treatment for hair is a kind of concentrated hair therapy to protect hair from dandruff, hair fall or alopecia, performed by treating the hair of the patient with high-frequency ultra and infra rays. This treatment offers a faster solution to treat the hair-associated problems.High frequency treatment is painless and it except a mild irritation when the comb’s mouth touches the scalp. It plays a vital role in stimulating the growth of the damaged hair through the tool it uses. High frequency tool also increases the blood circulation in the scalp region.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a therapy for hair loss treatment that involves extracting the own blood of the patient, centrifuging it, so that we can separate platelet from blood and inject it into the scalp. This treatment consists of necessary proteins& growth factors that helps in natural hair growth. Platelet Rich Plasma is a 100% natural treatment for skin, scalp and hair rejuvenation.Reshape provides advance PRP treatment at lowest cost; it is a non-surgical procedure that offers the prospect to stop hair loss and helps new hair growth.

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Dr. Kashyap Shah

Nutritionist & Cosmetologist


Dr. Kashyap Shah, a highly experienced Nutritionist & Cosmetologist, started Reshape Clinic in 2009 which specializes in Weight Loss Treatments, Skin and Hair procedures. He is a registered medical doctor, specialised in homoeopathy. He has practised as a family physician for 9 years, having good professional experience. Since young age he was very obese, and had tried to lose weight through various measures. Sometimes he succeeded to an extent, but again things went apart. He was well determined and wanted to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. So he decided to do it by himself. He did a diploma course for “Nutrition and Menu Planning” at Mumbai. This was a turning point for him, as while studying about nutrition he himself lost 25 kgs of his weight. And this provided him with a motivation to start his practice as a diet consultant. So he established his own brand “Reshape”, which has successfully helped thousands of people lose weight in the past 10 years. He went on and did his Diploma in Skin Aesthetics. He is also a Certified Diabetes Educator and has trained and provided education to thousands of people through the NGO Parivartan Foundation. He was attached as a lecturer, at Lotus Institute for the course “Dietetics, Health and Nutrition”. He is very active in educating people about good health and nutrition on social media though various platforms. If you are interested in receiving health updates on regular basis, you can whats app your interest for the same.


I had been to reshape for inch loss treatment, they suggested me a good package. Immediately within a week i started losing my inches and some weight too. They have a very trained and professional staff, which provides complete support in your efforts. And yes the doctor is always there full time to assist you and help achieve your goals. On e of the best thing is the free weight maintenance program which they provide after the initial package. In short, i can confidently say, it's the best plac

Charmi Hariya

Dear friends, i have tried a lot of things to lose my weight. Crash diet, gyming, meal substitutes, etc sometimes lost some weight, but unfortunately regained most of it. At reshape, the best part was that they have multifactorial approach for losing weight. They help me change my wrong eating habits along with increasing my physical activity and providing proper meal plans + u lipo treatment. And the end result is what you can see me a complete different jumit.

Jumit Hariya

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Best Weight Loss Treatment in BhiwandiWe at Reshape provide excellent results for your weight loss issues Reshape Weight Loss Adapting to the perfect combination of healthy eating and regular ex

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